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Mike Cadó is a Toronto-based guitarist, composer, and bandleader whose diverse experiences reflect his interest in a multitude of genres that span the musical gamut including jazz, blues, Rhythm & Blues, and more. Most recently, Mike Cadó’s artistic expressions, creative energy and curiosity have stimulated him to pursue a doctoral degree in Ethnomusicology at York University, where he is also a Faculty member in the Music Department. Mike’s decision to continue graduate studies has been inspired by his interest in exploring the unique relationships between the compositional and improvisational processes, which are unequivocally motivational forces behind his own vitality and music-making. His ability to blend creativity and skill, alongside intellectual sophistication distinguishes Mike Cadó as a unique and dynamic artist.


In 2010, Mike Cadó received an Artist Marketing Grant from the York Region Arts Council that allowed for the update of promotional material contributing significantly to artist development and outreach. He is honoured to have been recognized in the community he works and lives in and wishes to acknowledge the generous support of the York Region Arts Council for their continued endeavours in promoting the Arts in York Region.

With the aid of an Ontario Arts Council Grant, The Mike Cado Tentet has recently completed and released their debut recording, “Nimmons N Nine…Now!” It is available through cdbaby.com and iTunes. Check out the group’s site at www.mikecado.com/mctentet for more info…

“Nimmons N Nine…Now!” will be performing at the 2008 Ottawa Jazz Festival in June…see gigs page for details.

Mike’s group “Nimmons N Nine…Now!” will be performing at the Rex and the 35th Annual International Association of Jazz Educators Conference in January…see gigs page for details.

Mike has just finished producing and recording a CD with vocalist Sherie Marshall entitled “The Sweetest Sounds.” It features some of Canada’s finest musicians including Guido Basso, Pat Collins, Barry Romberg and others.To purchase or listen to the new CD, see the media section of this site.

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  1. Jacob McLean says:

    Hi Mike,

    My name’s Jacob McLean, a grad student at York U. I’m interested in taking your course “Guitar for Non-Majors” but have two quick questions: 1) Is this all summer long, or is it an intensive? I ask because I see there are two sessions per week, as opposed to one, which is typical in Fall/Winter. If it’s intensive, how many weeks long is it? 2) How do we determine which level (1 through 4) would be best suited for each student? I’m not an absolute beginner: I’ve played recreationally for about a couple years, but have never had lessons.

    I hope it’s fine I contacted you through your site, I couldn’t find your e-mail on the York website.


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